The Best Bath Toy You’ve Never Heard Of

We all know about the squirt toys, rubber duckies, stick-on ABCs, bath crayons…

But I have a not-quite-so-known bath toy that my son has loved since he was a very young toddler, and one that he still plays with today:


Splashimals by Milliwik is a genius bath game made from floatable, mold-resistant, foam-like cards that stick to the tub and wall, with each card featuring half of an animal and half of that animal’s name.

Young toddlers start with simple matching and animal recognition — putting two cards together to form a whole — and eventually graduate to memory games (outside of the water, too!) and new wacky animal combinations. The way that the animal names are separated are such that new animal names can be formed — like a half frog/half wale becomes a FROLE, and a half elephant/half fish becomes an ELESH. The mismatch animal drawings even fit together to form a new giggle-inducing combo.

I especially love that you can play with these cards inside or outside of the tub, and they dry in no time.

Buy Splashimals from Milliwik, $14.95

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