Post-Bath Bliss

One of my favorite times of the day is right after bath time. (Though bath time, itself, has greatly improved thanks to you!) As I wrap my little girl up in her sweet Winnie the Pooh hooded towel, I give her an extra hug … or four. And as I do, I take in the sweet smell of a clean baby. I hear the precious giggle—muffled slightly by the towel—because nuzzling close sets off her ticklish spots.


As I comb her hair and dress her in her pjs, I see the itty bit of baby that’s left in her. Because she’s really, technically bordering on becoming a toddler now. (Ugh, the “t” word…)

By day she’s off digging through her brothers’ bug collection, turning dirty laundry into a fancy hat, and scattering unwanted hair clips around town. I mean she’s 16 months old now. And she’s one very busy girl.

But at the end of the day, we wash all that away. Not the fun memories, of course, but the chaos. We calm down—together—just enough to really soak up the day. I ask questions about her day and she nods enthusiastic “yes”es and “no”s. We talk to her feet, her toes, her fingers, her nose, and we take a few deep breaths. I admire her shiny blond hair—free of avocado and strawberry remnants—and wonder, like everyone who sees her, how it got so light so fast. I sing silly songs and she babbles along, nodding her head from side to side. I kiss her sweet tummy, then cover her up in those footie jammies that my bigger kids have long outgrown. And I look back on the day, thinking of the wild fun we had, grateful, too, for the peaceful night that lies ahead.

What’s your favorite time of day with Baby?

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