Mama & Baby: DIY Bath and Body Care Essentials

Back in the day my bathroom used to be stocked to the gills with expensive bath-care products and make-up. Over the years, as I’ve made a slow movement towards natural living and local/organic eating – I’ve become a true convert.

I’ll be the first among many these days to sing the high praises of coconut oil for use in cooking, hair and body care, house-cleaning and baby-care.

Beyond that, I’ve found some tried and true recipes and ideas. For those of you with sensitive skin and a pocket book that squirms with the hefty price tag accompanying natural, organic, hypo-allergenic products, enjoy the round-up!

  1. Homemade Body-wash
  2. DIY Diaper Pail Deodorizers
  3. Home-made Baby Powder (talc-free)
  4. Sugar & Bath Salt Scrubs
  5. Home-made Bubble Bath
  6. Make Your Own Lip Balm
  7. DIY Baby Wipes
Photo Credit: Melissa McCauley
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