How to Tame Baby’s Tangles

After spending weeks wrestling my baby, “Pink”, with a hair brush, I threw in the Winnie the Pooh hooded towel, and came to you for advice. I asked, “How Do You Tame Tangles?” Having turned to you for answers before, I knew I’d get exactly what I needed. And you didn’t disappoint. I thank you. And Pink’s pigtails do too!

Here are some great tips Disney Baby readers shared with this desperate mama.


tangles and pigtails

• Use a leave-in conditioner after bath time, or spray it on dry hair in the morning.

• Try different types of brushes: a wide-tooth comb, a fine-tooth comb, a boar-bristle brush, the Knot Genie.

• Section Baby’s hair and comb out the big tangles first. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

• Mix 1/4 cup of conditioner with two cups water in a spray bottle to create your own detangling spray.

• Bathe Baby in the morning to wash the knots right out and start fresh.

• Try using a bit of olive oil or Moroccan oil.

• Once the knots are out, pull Baby’s hair back in a cute little pony tail or braid so it stays untangled for awhile.

• Cut Baby’s hair in layers so it’s easier to comb through.

• Sit Baby in front of a fun show (like Sofia the First!) to distract her while you comb.

A huge thank you to everyone who chimed in! Do you have any other great techniques to add?

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