Easing Into The “Big Boy” Tub

Just recently we transitioned baby Paul from the infant bath seat to the “big kid” bathtub. He’s been sitting up unassisted on his own for a few months, and has a solid grasp of his balance when sitting on his bottom. And while he’s not pulling himself up yet, I suspect it will be soon.

Since the “big kid” tub is completely different than the baby bath or kitchen sink he’s accustomed to, we’re trying to make the transition a really fun and safe way to end the day.

A few ways we’re transitioning baby Paul to the big boy tub:

Easing into the big boy tub

1. The first few times in the big tub we actually placed the baby tub in the big tub, so he could get used to the new view and environment.


2. After we ditched the baby tub for good, we made sure to only add a few inches of warm water to the big tub before we set him in. We thought the rush of the water might scare him, and additionally we always want to closely monitor the temperature of the water at all times before we placed him in it.

3. Not too many toys. Babies don’t need a ton of tub toys to keep them entertained, but just a few simple ones (even just a plastic cup) will suffice. We got baby Paul the FINDING NEMO Nesting Bath Pals a few weeks ago, and he really digs it. I love that all the pieces conveniently nest (and drain) together for quick cleanup.

4. Safety first! Because the good ole saying “slippery when wet” holds true, we made sure to have a spout cover installed to avoid Paul bonking his head on the sharp metal spout. We had to try a couple before we found one that fit, but lucky for us, the NEMO spout protector (that also matches the toys, woot!) fits perfectly.

5. Scrub-a-dub-dub first, splash and play second. Since baby Paul’s enthusiasm for the water can turn on a dime, we wash him up with tear-free shampoo almost immediately, and then splash and play for a few minutes after. Business before pleasure, I tell him.

Have you transitioned your baby to the “big kid” bath yet? Got any tips to share that have made it easy for you and your baby?

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