Coping With Colic: 9 Natural Tips

I always wondered what I would do If I were to be one of those parents who had a colicky baby. Perhaps I jinxed myself, but that’s just what we got when Abby was born. When our pediatrician told us about the ‘power of three’ (her crying for longer than 3 solid hours a day, for more than 3 days a week and for longer than 3 weeks), we knew we had our work cut out for us.

We fit that bill. He said Abby had colic. Due to gas, to all of the unknowns that come with colic…all we knew was this: we had to find our way.

So, I did what any mama would do. I got to researching and using my natural instincts to help soothe my baby – the best way I (we) could.

These are the simple, repetitive techniques that helped Abby (and us)…I hope they can help you too! 

  • Tired & True

    Tired & True

    Help your baby feel better with these simple techniques. They sure did work for us!

  • Change Your Diet (if nursing)

    Change Your Diet (if nursing)

    I did so much research on colic when it became apparent that Abby was suffering from it. Something that I kept finding was the suggestion to try an elimination diet. Since I was nursing, it made sense that certain foods I ate could be hard on my baby’s tummy. I saw a distinct difference when I cut out caffeine, rich leafy greens and spicy foods for the first 3 months. Other mothers that I spoke with had to cut out even more things for as long as a year, so I considered myself lucky!

  • Swaddle 'Em Up

    Swaddle 'Em Up

    I can’t speak highly enough for this technique. All that I can say is that we swaddled Abby constantly and it really did help. Tip: I always tossed the swaddle in the dryer for a few minutes to wrap her up in a cocoon of warmth.
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  • Just Bounce

    Just Bounce

    Thanks to the brilliant recommendation of a friend of mine who had a colicky baby boy born around the same time as Abby, we started bouncing on my yoga ball all over the house like it was nobody’s business. And you know what? It really worked. I would swaddle up Abby like a little burrito or wear her in my snug and stretchy cotton wrap and bounce. And sing. And bounce. And sing. A LOT.
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  • Bathe With Baby

    Bathe With Baby

    Fill up a tub with nice warm water, pumping out a few drops of this hypoallergenic, paraben free and dermatologist tested baby wash. I recommend the lavender chamomile one as baby care products containing these specific botanical properties worked for us many a time and have been proven to have calming affects on fussy babies in general. (According to the Natural Parents Network).

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  • Massage & Aromatherapy

    Massage & Aromatherapy

    I would lay Abby flat on her back on a firm but soft surface and begin to slowly and gently massage her belly in a clockwise circular motion with lavender scented almond oil. I would then turn her onto her back and repeat the same massaging technique down her back and legs. I always made sure that my hands were warm and soft by rubbing some oil on my hands first. It’s become a regular after-bath-time routine with both of my little ones, to this day.
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  • White Noise Machine

    White Noise Machine

    Yes! They REALLY do work. Take my word for it.
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  • Soothing Scents

    Soothing Scents

    I always found that creating a calm, soothing environment with unobtrusive smells in the bedroom helped. I would smudge the room down and spray our bedding down (still do) with a lavender scented spray. I’m not sure who it was more calming for…me or her. It’s in the little things.
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  • Baby Swing

    Baby Swing

    This one is an absolute necessity. I’m going to go ahead and just admit that right now. While the physical contact of holding Abby close, nursing, bouncing/swaying, etc. was the best way to soothe her…I had to take care of my other child, or you know pee…or, I just needed a break and that’s okay. There are night where she wouldn’t sleep anywhere else but her swing in the 1st 3 months!
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  • Go For a Car Ride

    Go For a Car Ride

    When all else fails, and you feel like you might just loose your mind from all the crying…bundle up your babe, strap them in their car seat and go for a drive. Sometimes it took a while – but it always worked for us.

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