Bath Time Fun! Learning Body Part Names

Once babies can sit on their own, bath time becomes a lot of fun! Most babies love playing and splashing with the water. It’s also a great opportunity for them to learn about how water works and feels. This is when bath toys such as cups, squirting toys, sponges, etc., become really useful. But, something we like to do during bath time with our baby boy doesn’t require any toys – and that is to help him learn the names of his body parts.

Baby Bath Time FunSource: Dean Wissing/Flickr


It’s really quite simple. As you wash your baby, call out the names of each body part you’re washing. You can even make it into a song or simply narrate what you’re doing: “Now we wash your face. First we wash your eyes, then your nose…don’t forget your ears!” My baby boy laughs along as I call out each body part name and now that he’s trying to speak more, he repeats the words after me.

Because we try to be a bilingual household, I take this opportunity to say all the body part names in Spanish as well as English. I simply say the name in English and repeat it in Spanish before moving on to the next part.

You’ll see that it won’t be long before your baby comes up to you pointing to your nose or mouth while saying the name. Playing this game during bath time really does make the bath more fun and you’re helping your baby learn too!

What other fun games does your baby like to play during bath time?

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