A Mother’s Day Treat

I never quite understood the importance of pampering yourself until I became a mother. The sheer physical exhaustion of lifting and toting around an eighteen-pound baby (not to mention marathon rocking and swaying sessions if your little one sleeps as poorly as mine!) is taking a toll on my upper body, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in dire want of a relaxing pedicure every now and then. So this Mother’s Day, pampering goodies are high on my own list to give (and get!) for all of the mamas in my life. The good news? Disney and basq have teamed up to create the most luxurious line of spa-inspired beauty products – named after my favorite Disney ride: It’s A Small World. And the better news? The entire collection is 25% off from now through May 12th. Here are a few of my favorites I plan to gift to my own beloved mamas!:

  • Touch Body Butter

    Infused with jojoba and shea butters, this decadent cream is my pick for expectant mothers in need of some extra belly pampering! (Bonus: Touch body butter doubles as an intense moisturizer for baby once he/she arrives!)

    Available for $26 at basq.

  • Love Nourishing Cleansing Bar

    Because all basq products are paraben, phthalate and animal testing free, this cleansing bar provides a delicate touch to daily baths for baby and mama. For the ultimate gift experience, why not carve a special message in the soap and draw that mama a candlelit bath?

    Available for $8 at basq.

  • Share Lavender Calming Oil

    This multipurpose product was created for the ultimate pampering experience – from prenatal massages to a hydrating moisturizer. Packed with a relaxing lavender scent, calming oil is the perfect formula for sweet dreams.

    Available for $20 at basq.

  • Dream Sleep Mist

    While we’re on the subject of dreamland, this sleep mist makes for a surprisingly therapeutic nighttime ritual. Simply spritz a bit onto your pillow or favorite pajamas for the perfect end to a frenzied day with baby.

    Available for $20 at basq.

  • Gift Set

    Want to really make the mama in your life smile? Gift her the entire set and arrange for a quiet night in. Happy pampering!

    Available for $60 at basq.


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