5 Ways We Made Bath Time More Pleasant for Baby

I wouldn’t say that my son is picky, per say — but rather…particular. And I’ve seen this in him since his earliest infancy. As long as things are done a certain way, everyone’s cool. Gravy. But he prefers to know exactly what’s about to happen, and then be in as much control as humanly possible. (I can’t imagine where he’d get that gene from.)

And that brings us to bath time.

Here are 5 ways we made bath time a little more pleasant for our prince:

1. Keep him reading. Bath books, you guys! Bath books! He was enthralled with the wet, squishy versions of his favorite books, and it was an incredibly useful distraction for hair washing.

2. Keep him laughing. I must have sang “splish splash I was takin’ a bath” every single day for the entire first year of his life. It was consistent (which he likes), but it was also really silly and fun. And if they’re laughing, they’re usually not crying. (See more bath games that parents play with their babies.)


3. Keep him busy. Toys, toys, toys, and more toys. Even if you think your baby is too young for bath toys, start with a fun squirter that you can spray on baby’s tummy. And how awesome is this Winnie the Pooh Tub Tumbler? Even my 3 year old would stay busy with this thing:

4. Keep him warm. I always made sure the heat was kicked up on cold wintery days, and it really helped to keep a warm washcloth on his tummy — especially in those first few months.

5. Time it right. Making sure that Baby was happy beforehand (meaning he wasn’t hungry or tired or wearing his cranky pants), usually meant that bath time would be a smoother experience. I also tried to make it snappy — so I always had everything I needed in arms’ reach. That also eliminated the need to scoop him in and out of the bath every time I forgot something — and being pulled from wet water to cold air and back to wet water? That doesn’t make for a very pleasant baby.

What are YOUR tips for bathing a happy baby?



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