12 Fun Ideas for Spending a Winter Day Indoors with Your Child

Unless you live in a warm climate (lucky!) it is likely that the winter months mean a lot of time spent indoors with your little ones. This can lead to a pretty mean case of the stir crazies.

But just because the weather’s turned colder doesn’t mean the fun has to end!

Here are 12 activities you can do indoors to keep things interesting for you and your child.

  • 12 Fun Ideas For Spending a Winter Day Indoors

    12 Fun Ideas For Spending a Winter Day Indoors

    When the weather turns cold, more and more time is spent indoors. To avoid stir crazy little ones, here are 12 fun ideas for spending a cold day indoors!

  • Take a the tub

    Take a the tub

    Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you can’t still take a “swim”. Make it feel more like swimming and less like a typical bath time by donning a swimsuit for your little and bringing fun new toys into the tub. Water is the cure for a cranky baby, I tell you!

  • Blow bubbles

    Blow bubbles

    Bubbles are magical, endless entertainment for a child. Sure you’ll end up with soap spots all over your kitchen floor, but the wonder on your child’s face will be totally worth it.

  • Play in the kitchen

    Play in the kitchen

    Break out the measuring cups, spoons, plastic lids…basically anything your child can bang around. These will be a hit!

  • Count things

    Count things

    Make learning into a game by going around the house and counting all the things you can find. Entertaining and educational!

  • Play dress up

    Play dress up

    This isn’t a great idea if your child doesn’t like having their clothes changed, but dressing up in silly clothes and checking themselves out in the mirror can be a lot of fun!

  • Build a blanket fort

    Build a blanket fort

    Cozy up under cushions and chairs draped with blankets. Your little one will love crawling around, in and out of your makeshift cave.

  • Build with blocks

    Build with blocks

    Even if you’re little one is still more into eating the blocks than they are actually playing with them, they’ll enjoy watching you stack blocks and subsequently knocking your towers over.

  • Make music

    Make music

    If you have instruments that you child can play (like a piano or drums), let them take a crack at it, but if not, break out the pots and pans or a toy like this Dumbo pop-up music box – you’re child will enjoy them just as much as the real thing.

  • Play ball

    Play ball

    Whether it’s rolling a ball back and forth or simply watching you bounce one around, balls are surprisingly mesmerizing.

  • Read a book

    Read a book

    Read a book. Read ten. Read 20. However long your baby will sit – educational and fun and it’s a good activity to calm down a wired child. Make it more fun by letting them turn the pages and “doing all the voices” for the story’s characters. Your child will appreciate it.

  • Get into stuff

    Get into stuff

    For some reason kids like hanging out in random “vessels”. I have a friend whose baby likes to sit in mixing bowls and my baby likes to play in cardboard boxes. Hide in cupboards, closets, under tables…wherever. Your child will think it’s pretty funny and will appreciate the novelty.

  • Cuddle


    Take advantage of this time with a good cuddle session if your child will let you. My baby isn’t much of a cuddler, but every once in awhile…




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