When Creativity is Bad: The Ingenuity of Naughty Babies

We love when children are creative, don’t we? It’s great to see them using their smarts in different ways and coming up with their own solutions to problems. Even as babies, children begin to get creative and you may not even realize it!

There are many times that my baby boy does something unexpected and I realize he just used the imaginative part of his brain to either be creative or resolve an “issue” he was experiencing. But, sometimes he’s too smart for his own good. There are also times that his creativity doesn’t resolve a problem, but instead creates a problem – as in, it gets him in trouble for doing something he shouldn’t!

Toddler Standing on Chair to Reach HigherSource: Dylan Parker/Flickr

3 Ways My Toddler’s Creativity Can Be Bad

Let me share with you three specific examples of how my toddler baby boy uses his creativity for bad. He can be pretty ingenious in trying to get his way sometimes, resulting in naughty or unsafe behavior.

1. The Time He Stacked Empty Boxes To Reach Items He Shouldn’t Have
Often times, we place items we don’t want our baby boy to have on a shelf or counter that’s out of his reach. However, he usually can still see the item(s), even though he can’t grab them. One day, my toddler decided to grab some empty boxes that were nearby, stacked them up to create a stool, climbed up, and grabbed the items he wasn’t supposed to have. Creative? Yes, but also a little naughty, if I do say so myself.

2. The Time He Moved a Stool from the Bathroom Into the Living Room to Reach the Light Switch
For some reason, my baby boy loves to click the light switches on and off. It’s cute at first, but after a while, it’s not only annoying, but a waste of energy too. So, of course, we can’t have him continue to turn the light on and off so often. One day, baby boy decided he needed to reach a light switch better so he could do just that. He grabbed the stool that’s under the bathroom sink, dragged it all the way out into the living room, placed it directly under the light switch, and climbed up on the stool to click it on and off repeatedly. While I was amused by his ingenuity and memory of where the stool was, the humor quickly wore off.

3. The Time He Asked Me to Look at Something, Only to Steal My Chair
It’s quite normal for my toddler to say, “Look, mommy, look!” as he excitedly shares something he did, saw, or wants. But, one day, as I sat at my desk working, baby boy called me over to look at something, then quickly came behind me and sat in my chair when I got up to go look. As I turned back around, there he was on my chair, beginning to type away on my laptop. Sneaky, right?

Has your baby or toddler used his creativity for naughtiness?

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