tips for toddlers.

Our sweet little babies grow before our very eyes. And before we know it, we have a little toddler on our hands! It happens in a blink of an eye! A dear friend of mine gave me some great little tips once that sometimes work really great with the toddler age. Some of the advice I took and some of it I did not, the best thing is to figure out what works best for you and your family and your little one! You know, you’re their mama… you know better than anyone what they need!

Just in case you are looking for a few tips, I will pass along a few!

  • One on One time

    One on One time

    Try to give your toddler 5-10 minutes of just one on one time with you each day! This is so tough when you have lots of little ones but if you snag five minutes to read a book just you and one of them, it will mean so much!

  • Ask toddler to help you with tasks.

    Ask toddler to help you with tasks.

    They love this. They love little roles and jobs that make them feel big and important. It’s also a great way to take ten minutes to clean the kitchen for the afternoon but also involving them. Even if it takes a bit longer or isn’t done perfectly, this will help build their little confidence!

  •  Practice areas that they struggle in.

    Practice areas that they struggle in.

    If your little one struggles with running off when you drop their hand, then practice in the safety of your backyard! Practice helps!

  • Give yourself Grace.

    Give yourself Grace.

    Us mamas, us parents- we need to give ourselves grace!

  •  Have fun.

    Have fun.

    Compliment them constantly. Be positive. Shower them with Love. Be silly & have fun!

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