Throwback Thursday: My Baby Photos Vs. My Baby’s Photos

Inspired by the popular Instagram hashtag #tbt (Throwback Thursday) where people share their nostalgic photos, I was inspired to dig up a few of my own baby photos and compare them alongside my own baby’s photos. Check out our “Then” and “Now” photos!

  • Throwback Thursday: My Baby Photos V.S. My Baby's Photos

    Throwback Thursday: My Baby Photos V.S. My Baby’s Photos

    In honor of the popular Instagram hashtag #tbt (Throw Back Thursday), I’ve compiled some of my baby photos to compare along side my own baby’s photos. Kind of fun to see all the similarities…and differences! Click through to see photos of Fern now, next to photos of me back then!

  • Post birth: Now

    Post birth: Now

    This is a photo of Fern and I after her water birth getting acquainted.

  • Post Birth: Then

    Post Birth: Then

    My mom had a very different birth experience than I did – a c-Section in a hospital, but our poses while snuggling our freshly born babies are pretty similar.

  • Bath Time: Now

    Bath Time: Now

    Mesmerized by the water, Fern loves her bath time!

  • Bath Time: Then

    Bath Time: Then

    The baby version of myself doesn’t appear to be quite as enthusiastic about bath time.

  • Hanging Out With Grandpa: Now

    Hanging Out With Grandpa: Now

    Fern loves spending time with her grandpa and he adores her.

  • Hanging Out With Grandpa Then

    Hanging Out With Grandpa Then

    Both of our grandpa’s had glasses, and while my mid-yawn expression might not convey it, I was equally enamored with my own grandpa.

  • A Trip To the Beach: Now

    A Trip To the Beach: Now

    Despite the chill, my little one was definitely a fan of the sand and the surf.

  • A Trip To the Beach: Then

    A Trip To the Beach: Then

    My own mama helps me get acquainted with the chilly Pacific Ocean, although it was likely much warmer in California where I was born than at the Oregon Coast where Fern experienced her first dip in the waves.

  • Riding On Daddy's Shoulders: Now

    Riding On Daddy’s Shoulders: Now

    Our little Fern is no different – she loves a good ride on her Daddy’s shoulders. It’s the perfect cure for a case of the grumps!

  • Riding On Daddy's Shoulders: Then

    Riding On Daddy’s Shoulders: Then

    Every little one loves a ride on their Daddy’s shoulders. I must say I’m thankful my Dad’s sense of style when it comes to shorts these days has definitely improved.

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