Sulley & Me.

I am married to a film-maker/photographer and something that I adore about who he is and where his passions are, is that he loves to CAPTURE. I too love to capture and between the two of us, we are a pretty great team of documenting all of life’s moments. I feel better about time moving and moments passing if I know that I can tuck a piece of it away with me forever in a picture or a film. My son has a blankie, two-ba, that at times feels like a member of the family. We have so many pictures of two-ba and so many silly stories written down that when the time comes and Aiden doesn’t need two-ba anymore, I will be okay knowing we captured that season of life.

For Ainsleigh, she loves her Sulley. Recently we were doing a quick photoshoot for something else and before we began, Chris grabbed a few of these candid shots of Ainsleigh cuddling her Sulley.

  • Sulley & me.

    Sulley & me.

  • best friends.

    best friends.

    I love how he captured their little “friendship”. Sulley is her best friend. She loves dragging him down long hallways and cuddling up for a story at bedtime.

  • adore.


    I love how he captured how much she adores Sulley. You can see it in her eyes.

  • encourage


    If your little one has a favorite animal or blankie, I encourage you to capture it. Write down some memories and capture a few photos, that way you can cherish them forever.

  • laugh.


    Your little one’s blankie or animal will comfort them in these early years. There is nothing sweeter!

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