Picky Baby vs. Birthday Cupcake

After forcing food on Elvie for at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’d decided that we wouldn’t bother her further with another meal, even if it was for a special occasion. However, since she started eating solid food a week ago, I figured offering a birthday cupcake would be a good idea. After all, she’ll only turn one this one time. Even though her party  isn’t until later, we wanted to make her big day special. We chose some cupcakes and set one in front of her after dinner. Here’s what happened.

  • Will She Eat It?

    Will She Eat It?

    Who can say? Will she like it? Hard to tell.

  • Picking It Up

    Picking It Up

    Seems okay so far.

  • It Goes...Here?

    It Goes…Here?

    She’s about to lick it.

  • She Licked It

    She Licked It

    Hmmm…she’s not sure yet.

  • That Wasn't Quite Enough Frosting

    That Wasn’t Quite Enough Frosting

    She’ll shove some more in.

  • That Was Good!

    That Was Good!

    She’ll have another handful.

  • What Should She Do Now?

    What Should She Do Now?

    The frosting was good; is there anything else?

  • Okay, She'll Taste the Cake

    Okay, She’ll Taste the Cake

    She’s not that impressed.

  • Back to the Frosting, in a Big Way

    Back to the Frosting, in a Big Way

    How about a giant handful? That will probably be best.

  • WHOA! That's sweet!

    WHOA! That’s sweet!

    Sugar overload is powerful.

  • Maybe a Smaller Bite This Time

    Maybe a Smaller Bite This Time

    She wants more, but she won’t overdo it again.

  • Uh-oh! Big Mess!

    Uh-oh! Big Mess!

    That’s what happens when you eat frosting by the handful.

  • Might As Well Make It Messier

    Might As Well Make It Messier

    Making messes is what one-year-olds do best!

  • She's Not Sure What to Do Now

    She’s Not Sure What to Do Now

    She’s full, and she’s made a big mess already. What else is there to do?

  • She'll Just Show Her Family She's Done

    She’ll Just Show Her Family She’s Done

    Dropping food on the floor is the best way to indicate that she’s finished, right?

  • All Gone!

    All Gone!

    With that out of the way, what’s next? She hopes it’s presents.

    (It is!)

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