12 Reasons Moms Love Baby Feet!

Baby feet and toes are probably one of the first things parents and friends comment on about a newborn baby. They’re just so cute, aren’t they? In my family, we always say we “want to eat them right up,” which confused my 6-year-old-daughter a bit when her little brother was born. She wondered why anyone would want to eat a baby’s toes and why it seemed like everyone was obsessed with his feet! I decided to ask a few other moms; here’s what they have to say about why they love baby toes and feet so much.

  • Baby Magic

    Baby Magic

    “Because you can hold them in the palm of your hand and be in awe of the magic of a baby while cuddling them.” Blanca, micaminar.com
    Source: andriux-uk/Flickr

  • Pudgy and Cute

    Pudgy and Cute

    “What isn’t there to love about baby feet! Tiny, little, pudgy, ticklish and they are just so cute.” shanamama.com
    Source: Jesse van Kalmthout/Flickr

  • The Sound of a Kiss

    The Sound of a Kiss

    “Kisses sound different on baby feet!” Liz, thoughtsofamommy.net
    Source: sabianmaggy/Flickr

  • Bite-Size Perfection

    Bite-Size Perfection

    “I love how little baby’s feet are so soft and so perfect. I just wanna bite ‘em!!!” Desiree, mommyreporter.com
    Source: Annabel Farley/Flickr

  • Soft and Squishy

    Soft and Squishy

    “Because they are totally soft, squishy and completely edible. How can you NOT love baby feet?” Erin, aparentingproduction.com
    Source: Kelly Roselle/Flickr

  • Cause for a Smile

    Cause for a Smile

    “They never stay that small! I love to nibble on my baby’s toes and watch her face break out in a huge smile!” Annie, mamadweeb.com
    Source: lou & magoo/Flickr

  • Loaves of Bread

    Loaves of Bread

    “I love baby feet because they look like the tiniest little loaves of bread – just even and fat.” Lisa, autismwonderland.com
    Source: SanShoot/Flickr

  • Absolute Delight

    Absolute Delight

    “Because they are absolutely DELIGHTFUL – so soft and small and sweet smelling.” Hillary, hacscrap.com
    Source: Lara604/Flickr

  • It's All About the Toes!

    It's All About the Toes!

    “The cutest thing about baby feet is their perfectly… round… toes. They are little bubbles you have to kiss, but they don’t pop.” Maria, mommylogue.com
    Source: Lauren Nelson/Flickr

  • Irresistible


    “Baby feet are irresistible. The size and softness alone just make you want to melt.” Jeannette, blogsdemamas.com
    Source: meddygarnet/Flickr

  • Squeezable Softness

    Squeezable Softness

    “Because they’re so tiny and cuddly. Makes you just want to squeeze the little soft feet.” Eva, evasmith.wordpress.com
    Source: Jessica Merz/Flickr

  • No Stinky Feet

    No Stinky Feet

    “They don’t stink like teenager feet,” said Tracy of Latinaish.com. Ana of SpanglishBaby.com added, “…[they] are clean so I can freely nibble on them!”
    Source: Angie Garrett/Flickr

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