Fun With the Minnie Mouse Fisher-Price Whirl ‘n Twirl

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I love watching Lola’s facial expressions when she sees a toy for the very first time. Her eyes grow big and she extends her body reaching for it. Her nose scrunches and her hands and arms start eagerly flailing all over the place once the toy is in her grasp. Over the past couple months my little one has developed a fondness for Minnie Mouse. Last month the two of them met at Disneyland and prior to that we took Lola to the Disney Baby Store and got her very own mini version of the mouse.

While she loves her soft and cuddly Minnie, and especially loves chewing on Minnie’s shoes, the Whirl ‘n Twirl Minnie was an entirely new experience. This Minnie was able to stand up, spin, and even made music thanks to a chime inside.

Lola feverishly shook Minnie around then lifted her up and tasted her ears. We sat on the floor and I pushed her from side to side while seated on the floor. For Lola this was a chance to learn about a new toy and maybe a few things about herself such as the fact that she can’t stand it if mommy takes something away from her even just for a second (my desire to show her what Minnie could do resulted in an upset baby).

Not only does Whirl ‘n Twirl Minnie provide little ones with an opportunity for sensory play but it also grows with them. Babies as young as 3 months can enjoy playing with their very own Minnie Mouse by batting it during tummy time while older babies can make her travel across the floor and giggle to the sound of her chimes. And best of all it fits in the tiny, yet quickly growing hands.

For Lola this new variation Minnie represents the fact that there is a whole new world of toys out there beyond soft stuffed animals, crinkly books and balls. For me it is a chance to take in the little moments of magic synonymous with childhood, like the magic in a baby’s face when they get their tiny hands onto a new toy and the excitement that follows.

The Whirl ‘n Twirl Minnie by Fisher Price is available for purchase at Khol’s and Walmart.

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