Learning what they Love.

Something that I have found really beautiful in being a mama is watching my little ones choose what they love. I find great joy when I place 5 different toys in front of my baby and get to watch and see what she chooses. What she enjoys. I love watching them choose a favorite color, a favorite blankie and even a favorite type of toy. I remember when my first born was a baby, the first time that he saw a dinosaur it was like magic. He had magic in his eyes. And three years later he still adores them with all of his heart.

what they love

It’s really a beautiful thing to watch our little ones grow and see what their interests start to become, what they are naturally drawn to. I also really enjoy seeing the differences in my girls and my boy. While Ainsleigh is twirling in her tutu and in mama’s high heels, Aiden is building a zoo for his dinosaurs. I let them be who they are. I let them discover what they love on their own. Even our newest little one has developed opinions. She already likes certain blankets and lights up when I place her in front of certain toys.

What a neat responsibility we have as parents to foster our little ones gifts and to let them discover what they love. What a beautiful thing to watch.

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