Why I Love Instagram for Baby Videos

With as quickly as our little one squirms and moves around, capturing his achievements on film takes a steady hand and quick reflexes. With Instagram videos limited to just 15 seconds total, that’s one of the reasons I love Instagram so much as a way to show off our baby videos.

Click through for 4 more reasons why Instagram rocks for baby videos and my highlight reel of Judah’s Instagram baby videos!

Instagram Baby Videos

Tell your baby’s story in just 15 seconds.

No more epically long videos with lots of dull airtime encouraging baby to show off their many talents. With such a short maximum video length, Instagram forces you to pick the choicest moments and compile what you can within 15 seconds or less. Instagram baby videos are short, sweet and to the point, allowing you to highlight only the most important or special moments with baby.

Make your baby videos on the go!

By downloading the Instagram app for your smartphone, you’ll never miss a minute of baby’s achievements. I find that a lot of times, I’ll shoot some video during the day and then while Judah’s nursing in the early evening, I take the time to edit my videos together on Instagram. It’s great for parents on the go with active babies. Just point, film and then trim it down later into a slick 15-second masterpiece.

Easily share your videos with family and friends.

Sharing your Instagram videos is super easy: you can share to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or email right from within the Instagram app for your smartphone. On your computer, you can copy and paste the video link into Facebook, and the video will play when clicked right from your Facebook feed. And if you’re a blogger, you can quickly embed Instagram videos by clicking the Embed link from within the video options (select Embed from the button with the three dots to the right of the “Leave a comment” field”).

Create one video from longer or even multiple sources.

If you’re like me, you might find that you end up taking five minutes worth of video to get that one amazing baby smile. Maybe you want to put together a compilation of baby’s “smile”stones; it’s incredibly easy to select your videos and trim them to clips within your total 15 second allowance. You can also make multiple clips from within one longer video to trim it down to 15 seconds. Or, you can just shoot a new video right from within the app itself. The possibilities are really endless with the Instagram smartphone app.

Hip filters for your baby videos.

If you’re an Instagram filter fan like I am, you’ll love the filters available for your videos. While you can’t add custom frames, there are 13 included video filters with the Instagram smartphone app. From black and white to soft hazy vanillas and blues, you can add a really sweet vintage or hip touch to any of your baby videos.

Since I discovered videos on Instagram, I’ve been having a lot of fun capturing Judah’s special milestones and moments on film. Here’s a short roundup of some of my favorite Instagram baby videos this past month! Follow all our video adventures over at Instagram.

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