How’d She Do That?

The other day, my 21-month old, “Pink”, saw a notepad and pen she wanted on the kitchen counter. She pointed, grunted, and screamed in true toddler fashion to prove to me how very precious those items were in her big blue eyes. I explained that they were Mommy’s, but she could draw with her crayons and markers on her papers. (Which she did, thanks to these awesome free printables from Disney.)

Later that morning, we’d moved on. Or so I thought. She was playing quietly with her toys, so I slipped off to the bathroom for a moment. A quick moment. Really and truly.

When I came back, this is what I found.

sneaky Pink

If you can overlook the outrageously saggy diaper (come on, try harder), you’ll see that she pushed a chair over to the counter (a good 6 feet away), climbed up, and went straight to business with my red pen. Considering this is a girl with gross motor delays, the fact that this could enter the realm of possibilities hadn’t even entered my mind.

I couldn’t decide if I should be upset (I told her no, and she obviously schemed the moment I turned my back), concerned (I mean, what would be next? playing with matches), or impressed (something must be moving in the right direction … and I’m not talking about her chair).

And we all know that we can’t make our best parenting decisions without first taking a picture, so I did that. Then I decided I’d go with impressed. This is a girl who knew what she wanted, and she worked hard to make it happen. Even though the odds — and her mom — were against her. Yes, impressed.

Now, if she would just channel that energy towards her (not-so-)gymnastics class

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