Going With The Flow

If there is one thing I have learned as a parent, it’s that you have to go with the flow. Over the past 2 years we’ve made plenty of plans that just did not go very well. Babies are unpredictable. The more stressed I become about things not going the way I want, the worse they always seem to get. Whenever I get worked up about it, I just look at these family pictures and have myself a good laugh.

This was one of the days that I had everything planned out. We were dressed nice and we matched well. Not too matchy, matchy but perfect for family photos. We had scouted out the perfect place, had timed it well with naps and meals and were ready to go. I thought I had taken care of everything. Then I learned you can’t plan for your little one’s behavior. Sometimes, they just aren’t on the same page as you. They want to run when you want them to stand still. This was one of those days, it was a complete disaster! At first I wanted to cry, but then I couldn’t help but laugh at how riduculous the whole situation was. We now have these hilarous photos to remind us of this very important parenting lesson.


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