Early Morning Moments.

Early mornings, the sun peeking through & shadows on the walls… some of my favorite moments for the day happen in those first morning hours. I love the way it feels to cuddle my tiny ones before I get up for the day. I love capturing all their sweet moments together through the tiny lens of my phone and feeling like I can hold onto these passing moments forever. Here are a few of my favorite early morning moments from our week!

  • early mornings

    early mornings

  • she found her toes!

    she found her toes!

    She found her toes! It is so sweet when they do this. She has been fascinated with using her little hands and grabbing onto her feet as tight as she can.

  • morning sun

    morning sun

    I adore the way the morning sun pours over the sheets and reflects on their tiny faces. It is absolutely beautiful.

  • baby belly

    baby belly

    Is there anything sweeter than a tiny baby belly to hug in the early mornings with the sun shining through the windows? I think not! My sweet Apple is perfect for those early morning cuddles.

  • a tiny hand

    a tiny hand

    I love that one of my toddler’s hands is in the top left corner of this capture. We are normally all snuggled in together in the early hours and just seeing that tiny hand captures that for me.

  • daddy time

    daddy time

    It is so sweet & special that on the weekends Chris, my husband, can enjoy these morning moments to bond with our little ones as well.

  • ainsleigh kate

    ainsleigh kate

    When my sweet Ainsleigh was smaller she was a bit more independent in nature but as she has grown she has turned into quite the snuggler!

  • swaddle me.

    swaddle me.

    Apple is almost 5 months and still wants to be swaddled tight when she sleeps. My toddlers were both swaddled until 8- 10 months, it will be fun to see when stops wanting to be wrapped up!

  • a brother's love.

    a brother's love.

    Our sweet Aiden adores his baby sister. Capturing this moment means everything to me as a mama…to be able to see and cherish their love as siblings for years to come.

  • morning workout

    morning workout

    Now that Apple is almost 5 months I am finally starting back on those early morning workouts! My cute kiddos love to pretend to join in!

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