DIY: Salt Dough Keepsakes

Your little one’s hands and feet are only going to be this tiny for so long — why not do an easy project at home that’s the perfect keepsake to remember them at this age?

Salt dough keepsakes are so fun, and I love this round-up of tutorials all with their own twist on the concept of making keepsakes out of this simple dough. Have fun!

  • Salt Dough Keepsake DIY

    Salt Dough Keepsake DIY

    All the recipes are very similar, but unique ideas set them apart. Let’s get creative!

  • Metal Punch Letters and Numbers

    Metal Punch Letters and Numbers

    I love how this mama got creative with metal punches to personalize her keepsakes even more. Find out more here.

  • Let the Littles Paint

    Let the Littles Paint

    This salt dough was pressed by little feet and painted by little hands! If your baby is a bit older, let her paint the keepsake yourself for an effect that is completely adorable. Find out more here.

  • "Sand" Keepsake

    This mom used whole wheat flour in her salt dough to make the keepsake look like sand. So clever! Mount in a shadow box for a dramatic effect. Find out recipe here.

  • Keepsakes for the Walls

    Keepsakes for the Walls

    Form your salt dough into a flat shape and it will be perfect for a fun nursery wall hanging! Find here.

  • Twins! Two in one

    Twins! Two in one

    This twin mama did both babies in one keepsake – and as a holiday ornament the light shows through beautifully. Find here.

  • Cut Out Shapes

    Cut Out Shapes

    Simple and sweet idea – cut shapes into the keepsake for more interest. Find out more here.

  • Hand and Foot

    Hand and Foot

    How about doing your baby’s hand and foot together? Add a velvet ribbon like this mom did and you’ll have a special wall hanging in no time. Find out more here.

  • Whole Family Affair

    Whole Family Affair

    If you have multiple children, make your salt dough keepsakes a family affair! Have each child make a handprint salt dough ornament for a beautiful holiday memory each year to come. Find our more here.

  • Polymer Clay Keepsakes

    Polymer Clay Keepsakes

    Maybe your “salt dough” keepsake will actually be clay! Check out these instructions for making polymer clay memories that still look like a salt dough project but last much longer. Find here.

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