baby wearing mama.

I am a huge fan of baby wearing. I love and adore having my babies close and wearing them throughout my days gives me peace and comfort. Knowing they are so close makes my heart swell.

When I had Aiden (as a first time mom) I reaaallllly struggled with sharing him. And baby wearing saved me in a way. I just wore him constantly and never let him down…it brought me a lot of peace in a crazy emotional time. Keeping our little ones close to our heartbeat is such a special gift.

  • keep them close.

    keep them close.

  • my heart.

    my heart.

    I adore the feeling of you pressed against me as we move about in our days. I love the way you slump against me as you slip in and out of slumber.

  • find one you love.

    find one you love.

    Find a carrier or sling that you love and feel great in. There are so many incredible options out there today and so many choices to choose from!

  • glowing.


    The way that mamas glow when carrying that bundle through pregnancy, can often be felt again when your little one is wrapped up tight against you.

  • be still my heart.

    be still my heart.

    My sweet one, be still my heart. I love you so.

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