Baby Quirks Revealed

It doesn’t take long for those itty-bitty bundles of joy to start showing some massive doses of personality. By the time they can move around, there’s no telling what they’ll do.

Each of my kids has developed a little quirk that is so uniquely them, we can’t help but love it. (Even if it is a bit — ok, totally — odd.)


Our oldest son, Big, was quickly nicknamed The Kissing Bandit. The only thing is, there was only one person he wanted to kiss. Himself. He’d find his reflection in the dishwasher, stove, mirrors, glass doors … you name it. There was nothing subtle about his attraction to blond hair, blue eyes, and size 4 diapers.


Our second, Little, was a head-butting maniac — and it was actually an affectionate maneuver. It started with his blanket. He’d lay that sweet blankie on the floor, then just start banging his head. Next thing we knew…


…we were the unsuspecting targets of his sweet, but overly aggressive love. At some point the head butting morphed into tackling. We can only hope it will morph again before he starts dating. (You know, in 18 years, when he’s 21.)


While number three, Pink, is a girl, she’s proving that she’s not yet a lady. Whenever she gets really excited, her finger goes straight up her nose. No joke. Daddy’s home from work? Finger up the nose. Her favorite song is on the radio? Finger up the nose. Another slice of cheese at mealtime? Finger up the nose. (Yeah, that’s when it’s especially gross.)

Our whole family is in on the joke and we love looking back and laughing at these quirky little things our babies have done (or are still doing, in Pink’s case!) along the way. After all, it’s kind of amazing that these little creatures can communicate in totally unique ways before they master talking.

Does your baby have a quirk? Do share!

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