Babies”R”Us Mealtime Sale!

If there is one thing you can never have enough of, it is mealtime supplies…especially bottles and sippy cups! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to get my daughter something to drink or gone to make a bottle only to realize that we were totally out of bottles or cups. Washing a bottle while you have a kiddo crying nearby isn’t exactly the most fun ever. I do dishes a lot, but it never fails that we still run out from time to time. Little ones go through these things so quickly! But, thankfully Babies”R”Us has got you covered so you can stock up!

Babies R Us Mealtime Sale!

Be sure to check out the Babies R Us Mealtime sale going on now until June 14th! Disney bottles and sippy cups are all buy-one-get-one 50% off, so it’s the perfect time to stockpile in order to avoid mealtime disaster meltdowns!

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