a day at the Disney store.

Having three kids, three and under, I have to be really creative with our outings. I need fun, simple and inexpensive! What has become a favorite of mine and my kiddos is an afternoon at the mall and the Disney store. It is such a fun afternoon with my three little ones, filled with colorful fun and big imaginations! Journey with us and see what an afternoon like this looks like!

  • a day at Disney.

    a day at Disney.

    My sweet Ainsleigh walks around the store the entire time with Pooh, Piglet and Tigger! So cute!

  • wake.up


    We wake up early when the sun is rising. Our mornings are filled with snuggles and giggles. We take our time eating breakfast and getting ready for the day!

  • bye bye jammies

    bye bye jammies

    We say goodbye to the pajamas for the day and each get dressed to take on the day!

  • dressed & ready

    dressed & ready

    Getting myself and three little ones dressed and ready for the day is no easy task! It takes three times as long! But once we are all ready, there are smiles all around!

  • a little artsy

    a little artsy

    Sometimes I let Ainsleigh and Aiden do a quick art project to fill some time while I am feeding Apple and getting myself ready for the day!

  • goodbye daddy

    goodbye daddy

    We give daddy a few goodbye kisses and snuggles before he goes off to work!

  • the Disney Store

    the Disney Store

    We get packed up and head up to the mall! The Disney store is SUCH a fun place to come hangout! Not only are there toys galore but also a giant tv screen and a place for your littles to color and do activities!

  • tuckered out

    tuckered out

    Usually my two toddlers want to stay so long that my baby, Apple, gets tired of waiting and decides to nap in the stroller!

  • nap time

    nap time

    After a day of fun, my kiddos take awesome naps!! Ainsleigh always crashes as soon as we get in the car!

  • dinner


    After a good nap and a day of fun, it is always time for a yummy family dinner!

  • bath time

    bath time

    The last thing that we do for the day before bedtime is take a bath! Bath time is such a fun, relaxing way to end our days!

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