5 Soft Books Babies Can Chew On

If there is one thing I wish more than anything else for my children, it is that they embrace the love of reading with their mind and soul. Books are and have always been a huge part of my life. I devoured them growing up and now years later you can still find me curled up with a traditional hardcover, or an electronic version. Recently, my son has displayed the same love for books and although he isn’t quite ready to read just yet, he’s already started to ‘devour’ books in the literal sense.

I’m not sure what it is about a hardcover chapter book that gets his saliva going, but he just loves to gnaw on a good book. And I do mean – good book. He seems to go for my favorites for some strange reason…

As my books aren’t made for gnawing or chewing on, I thought it would be high time to search for some that are. Each one of these soft baby books are great for teething babies or toddlers who just like to eat everything.

  • Disney Princess Soft Book

    Disney Princess Soft Book

    This Once Upon a Time soft toy is more than just a book; it crinkles, squeaks and comes with a textured teether ring. I love how the book is designed to look like a castle. Very cute concept!

  • Personalized Soft Book for the Trendy Baby

    Personalized Soft Book for the Trendy Baby

    It’s colorful, it’s quirky and it’s made especially for your baby! Each page of these cute personalized soft books are made to order and feature your baby’s name spelled out – one letter on every page.

  • Hello, Winnie the Pooh Book

    Hello, Winnie the Pooh Book

    The classic tales of Winnie the Pooh comes in a new format with this board book. The plush toy attached to the front is great for playing with and chewing on. It also makes for a great read and play experience.

  • Cozy Baby Book

    Cozy Baby Book

    With everyone’s favorite elephant on the front cover, this fabric book is great for babies to hug, squeeze and chew on. Cuddly books make the best bedtime stories! http://www.disneybaby.com/products/cozy-baby-book/

  • The Totally Awesome Sandwich Soft-Book

    The Totally Awesome Sandwich Soft-Book

    Each page of this soft fabric book reveals how to make a delicious sandwich. The pages reveal delicious ingredients that look so yummy, you’ll want to eat the pages. No worries if your baby decides to do just that as the book is made from a soft fabric.

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