15 Unlikely Lullabies: The TV Theme Song Edition

I recently wrote a post called 10 Unlikely Lullabies. Some of the suggestions I received were TV theme songs. I got to thinking that back when I was a kid, many of the shows I loved had really sweet introductions. Of course I didn’t appreciate that fact back then, but now I can’t tell you how many times I find myself rocking my babies and having Tootie, Arnold, and Ricky flashbacks. A few of my readers shared their favorites as well.

  • #1: Mad About You

    #1: Mad About You

    “Tell me why, I love you like I do. Tell me who, can stop my heart as much as you.” It’s a love song about starting a new life together — beautifully fitting for parenthood.

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  • #2: Dukes of Hazard

    #2: Dukes of Hazard

    My friend, Sam, says this one seems fitting for her two, well…adventurous boys.

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  • #3: Different Strokes

    #3: Different Strokes

    Even when you seem at odds with your baby (you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout, Willis), you know it’s her unique personality that will make her shine out in the world someday.

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  • #4: Cheers

    #4: Cheers

    Whitney of Rookie Moms loves this one. (And she knows a thing or two about getting babies to sleep.) Nothing says the comforts of home like this song.

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  • #5: One Day at a Time

    #5: One Day at a Time

    What a great reminder for the often long days of new parenthood.

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  • #6: Friends

    #6: Friends

    My friend, Emily, suggests this sweet song about getting through the hard times (and late nights) together.

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  • #7: Facts of Life

    #7: Facts of Life

    You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have … parenthood. This is one catchy tune that will leave you smiling.

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  • #8: Bonanza

    #8: Bonanza

    Debi uses this one to reign in her sleepy cowboy.

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  • #9: Family Ties

    #9: Family Ties

    “What would we do baby, without us?” This soft, slow love song is packed with powerful lyrics to remind you of how much your little one has changed your world for the better.

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  • #10: Punky Brewster

    #10: Punky Brewster

    If you have a little girl who’s turned your world around, this one’s for you.

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  • #11: Gilligan's Island

    #11: Gilligan's Island

    Willow swears by this jolly favorite for her babies.

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  • #12: Who's The Boss?

    #12: Who's The Boss?

    Sometimes at bed time, I find myself asking this very same question. But this sweet song puts everyone at ease.

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  • #13: Gilmore Girls

    #13: Gilmore Girls

    You know that you will be there for your baby through thick and thin. And this is a sweet way to tell her just that.

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  • #14: Silver Spoons

    #14: Silver Spoons

    “Together, we’re gonna find our way.” And let’s hope that means to sweet, sweet sleep.

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  • #15: Happy Days

    #15: Happy Days

    Those early years may not be easy, but boy are they happy. This song will have you bopping and rocking baby to sleep with a smile.

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Do you find yourself singing TV theme show songs to your baby?

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