14 (baby) dates of February

With three kids (ages three and under) my husband & I like to make a point of taking each one out on creative and individual dates. We want that one on one time ! We love to make sure their little love tanks are full and that amidst the chaos they have time with just mom or just dad. For February, I thought it would be fun to share 14 of our favorite date ideas for you and your little one! Have fun!!

  • our favorite baby dates

    our favorite baby dates

  • ONE: Dallas Aquarium

    ONE: Dallas Aquarium

    My little guy LOVES sharks and fish! A special date for you and the little man in your life, the aquarium! See if there is one near by! He will love this special day of fun just the two of you.



    Dress up girlie with your little lady and have a tea party! Invite her favorite dolls and stuffed animals to join you. She will be smitten!

  • THREE: Dino World

    THREE: Dino World

    My little guy is crazy for Dinosaurs. Take a little road trip to Dino World or even a nearby museum! My little guy loves the dino bones!!

  • FOUR: Carwash

    FOUR: Carwash

    Need to was your car? Create a fun outdoor date with your little one! Wash the cars and their small outside toys! They will love scrub a dubbing with you in the beautiful sun! We live in Texas so we can do outside dates in February… if you are somewhere chilly then tuck this away for summer!

  • FIVE: Movie

    FIVE: Movie

    Let your little one get dressed up for a night out with dad! They can pack some fun snacks and go to an early showing. She will feel so special just the two of them!

  • SIX: Pool Day

    SIX: Pool Day

    Put on those swimsuits and sunscreen and head to the pool for a day of fun!! We live in Texas so we can do outside dates in February… if you are somewhere chilly then tuck this away for summer!

  • SEVEN: Zoo Day

    SEVEN: Zoo Day

    Take your sweet one out for the day and head to the nearest zoo! There are so many fun and exciting things to do and see at the zoo, your little one will have a blast!

  • EIGHT: Ice Cream Date

    EIGHT: Ice Cream Date

    A sweet, simple date that will mean so much to your little man or little lady is an ice cream date! Such a treat!

  • NINE: Favorite Things

    NINE: Favorite Things

    Plan a day of your little one’s very favorite things and do them all!!

  • TEN: Disney Toy Store

    TEN: Disney Toy Store

    Head to your nearest Disney Toy Store and let your little one pick out a new surprise! What a sweet souvenir for your little one to remember the day!

  • ELEVEN: see a play

    ELEVEN: see a play

    If you look, there are normally some local plays for babies and small children! Take your little man or little lady and make a day of it!

  • TWELVE: park & picnic

    TWELVE: park & picnic

    Pack up a quilt, lunch and your little gal or guy and head to your nearest park. A sweet, simple picnic and walk will mean so much to your baby!

  • THIRTEEN: Bubble fun

    THIRTEEN: Bubble fun

    An easy, simple date is a bubble date! Babies loves bubbles! Sit out in your backyard with a big blanket and have some bubble fun!!

  • FOURTEEN: nice dinner

    FOURTEEN: nice dinner

    Taking your little one out with you to a nice meal is probably very rare. Get dressed up and treat yourselves to a nice evening!

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