10 Things I Want Our Baby to Know About the Family Pet

Few things warm my heart like watching our baby play with Briggs, our faithful chocolate Lab. With five-year-old triplets constantly running amok, and an 11-year-old to boot, so often our baby is left to his own devices while we try to (momentarily, at least) regain control. And you know who always keeps him company?

Briggs. That’s who. The other “child” who’s been, from time to time at least, lost in our chaotic shuffle. And what’s so great is that you can totally tell that Luke LOVES Briggs.

But just the other day, something occurred to me. Briggs is almost ten and Luke’s only one. If something were to happen to Briggs in the next couple of years, Luke might not even remember him. I truly don’t think this will be the case, as it seems ol’ Briggs has plenty left in the tank.

Still, though, such a thought does give me pause. And if anything ever did happen to our family pet in the next year or two, there are so many things I’d want our baby to know about him. Here are ten of them.

  • When Briggs was a baby?

    When Briggs was a baby?

    So was your daddy. So much has happened since then. I met your mom, became Alli’s stepdad, fathered triplets, then fathered you! The perfect Grand Finale.

  • Unlike most puppies...

    Unlike most puppies…

    it wasn’t Briggs’ paws that experienced the most growth in his first few months. It was his tongue! Look at that thing! It’s as big as a frying pan!

  • Before I had all these kids...

    Before I had all these kids…

    it was Briggs I took to the beach. And just like y’all, he loves that place.

  • Long before the triplets came around...

    Long before the triplets came around…

    it was just Briggs and Alli. That’s why if you pay super-close attention, you can see how much Alli loves him.

  • Briggs is the mailmen of playmates

    Briggs is the mailmen of playmates

    Because neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail can keep him from hanging with the kiddos. He’s always up for whatever you’ve got in mind.

  • Just like the rest of our kids

    Just like the rest of our kids

    Briggs is all kinds of excited about Halloween!

  • Briggs is loved so much...

    Briggs is loved so much…

    that he was once immortalized by a cake for Alli’s birthday. Well immortalized for like 10 minutes or however long it was before that thing was devoured.

  • He's not always eating food, you know.

    He’s not always eating food, you know.

    He actually went through a little phase when he regularly broke into the diaper pail and ate the triplets’ dirty diapers. Ew. Proof, I suppose, that your mama really is right when she says it’s not the best idea in the world to kiss a dog on the mouth.

  • Briggs likes to howl

    Briggs likes to howl

    Whenever you squeak your giraffe, it causes Briggs to freak out and make this weird howl-type noise. This picture was taken while you were doing just that. I don’t think Briggs likes that noise.

  • But you know what Briggs doesn't mind one bit?

    But you know what Briggs doesn’t mind one bit?

    Hanging out with you. In fact, the two of y’all are thick as thieves. And while it’s obvious how much you love him, you know what else is pretty, um, doggone clear?

    He loves you, too, buddy. And he always will.

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