To My Sister, on Her First Mother’s Day

My sister is celebrating her first Mother’s Day, which is such a uniquely special holiday. The first time you’re being thanked and celebrated for this new responsibility and identity that still feels surreal — and so I want to thank her.

I want to celebrate her.

Because there are so many reasons I admire my little sister, as a mother. Here are just 10 of those reasons (plus the sweetest photos of my sister and nephew):

  • How you've adapted to motherhood

    How you’ve adapted to motherhood

    I’ve never seen someone fit into motherhood like a dress that was made for her. Watching you as a little girl — carrying around baby dolls, brainstorming baby names, babysitting children when you were a child yourself — and then watching you hold your baby, care for your baby. It’s like, “Of course. This is who she’s meant to be.”

  • How motherhood has changed you

    How motherhood has changed you

    You’re calmer. More open. And, most notably, happier than I’ve ever seen you. (And I’ve known you for a long time.)

  • How you capture the small moments

    How you capture the small moments

    If there’s any lens to see motherhood through, it might as well be a photographer’s. And the moments you capture — whether through your Canon or your iPhone — are magical.

  • How you’re still an amazing aunt

    How you’re still an amazing aunt

    Babies are demanding and consuming, but there hasn’t been a single moment where Noah has felt neglected. He knows his aunt — one of the most special people in his life — will still listen and play, through spit-up, crying, and breastfeeding. Thank you.

  • How you’re committed to breastfeeding

    How you’re committed to breastfeeding

    Speaking of breastfeeding, your commitment is incredible. You pushed through the rocky beginning weeks and now nurse like you’re on baby #5 — effortlessly.

  • How we’re friends now

    How we’re friends now

    The birth of your baby caused the birth of a friendship. I’ve always loved you, but I’m so thankful to have found a best friend over these past 4 months.

  • How nothing fazes you

    How nothing fazes you

    Projectile puke, missing pacifiers, an empty diaper bag — nothing can shake you. You’re a pro, on the first run through. (I actually kind of envy you on this one.)

  • …including your age

    …including your age

    I fought so hard to ignore the “young mom” stigma. I felt the sting of judgement and lied about my age. But you embrace motherhood so fully — proving that age isn’t the same thing as maturity. You make young moms proud to have you on our team.

  • How you continue to build your business

    How you continue to build your business

    Mere months after you had Ben, you were out at photo shoots with a camera slung around your neck — and a baby on your chest. Picnik Photography could have easily fallen to the wayside, but you keep building up your business.

  • How you love him, completely and fully

    How you love him, completely and fully

    Thank you for loving my nephew the way that every baby deserves to be loved. You’re an incredible mother — just like we always knew you’d be. Happy Mother’s Day.

To all of the moms celebrating your first Mother’s Day: congratulations. And welcome to the team.


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