The Disney Princess Plush Collection

The Disney Princess plush collection is easily one of my favorites. My girls love these dolls… they are soft to snuggle with, and perfect to play with. The best of both worlds! Here is a peek at some of my favorites. If you have a little lady in your home, you won’t be able to resist buying one of these beauties!

  • princess collection

    princess collection

    Search for your favorite and add one of these beauties to your little one’s room!

  • Tinker Bell

    Tinker Bell

    Have a little pixie that loves to dream and pretends to fly? Tinker Bell is the perfect pick to entertain your little lady…and snuggle with too!

    Disney Store, Tinker Bell $19.50

  • Disney's Tangled heroine

    Disney's Tangled heroine

    Disney’s Tangled heroine, Rapunzel, is a sure favorite. Her beautiful long locks and signature purple dress make her extra special.

    Disney Store, Rapunzel Bride $19.50

  • Snow White

    Snow White

    Snow White. The fairest one of all. She has a glittery skirt and a gorgeous red ribbon. This sweet and soft toy would be a great pick for your little lady.

    Disney Store, Snow White $19.50

  • Aurora


    Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty would be a fabulous choice to add to any collection. Her pink dress and princess crown will make your little girl smile in a big way!

    Disney Store, Aurora $19.50

  • Merida


    This red.headed rebel is ready for adventure! She has gorgeous hair and is soft and sweet. Perfect for your little one.

    Disney Store, Merida $19.50

  • Pocahontas


    Ready for some fun around the river bend? This gorgeous Pocahontas plush doll is ready for a fun adventure! She is a natural beauty.

    Disney Store, Pocahontas $19.50

  • Mulan


    Fa Mulan, in her traditional Chinese attire is a natural beauty. Your little princess is sure to have fun with this soft and sweet doll.

    Disney Store, Mulan $19.50

  • Ariel


    The Little Mermaid star will love swimming and snuggling with your little one. Ariel has a glittery tail and gorgeous red locks.

    Disney Store, Ariel $19.50

  • Jasmine


    Soft Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin is the Sultan’s beautiful daughter. She has gorgeous accessories, sparkly pants and lovely details. This beauty would be a great pick!

    Disney Store, Jasmine $19.50

  • Tiana


    The star of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog is ready to join you! The beautiful Tiana would be the perfect doll to play and snuggle up with!

    Disney Store, Tiana $19.50

  • Cinderella


    Cinderella, a Disney classic. Cinderella would be a fun doll to bring to the ball. Sure to catch Prince Charming’s eye!

    Disney Store, Cinderella $19.50

  • Rapunzel


    Rapunzel is headed down the aisle dressed in a gorgeous gown. She is ready for you to join her for her big day!

    Disney Store, Rapunzel Bride $19.50

  • Belle


    Belle in her golden gown will take your breath away.

    Disney Store, Belle $19.50

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