three kids, three and under.

Three kids, ages three and under. There is a beauty in the chaos. This is my perspective on having three little ones close together in age!

  • Beauty in the Chaos.

    Beauty in the Chaos.

    There is a beauty in the chaos. Constant playing, laughing, going and doing…when you have three kids, ages three and under there is never a dull moment in the house.

  • three under three.

    three under three.

    People always ask me if I like having my kids so close together in age…I love it!!! Once you are already in “baby” mode there isn’t that big of a difference having another. It just requires more juggling!

  • buddies.


    They have 24/7 playmates and their own little buddies wherever they go. My oldest, Aiden, loves to protect his two baby sisters. With a newborn in the house, it is really nice that my toddlers have each other to play with while I am feeding or changing our newest addition.

  • a mini helper.

    a mini helper.

    It is really fun to teach your toddler little “roles” to help with the newborn. It is a great way to incorporate siblings and get them excited about your new addition!

  • a routine

    a routine

    I am not one who is big on schedules but once you have a routine that feels comfortable to you then having multiples already will feel natural. You are already in the “baby routine”. Naps, meals, playtime and more!

  • life with littles.

    life with littles.

    Life with littles is full. But it is a beautiful type of full. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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