How to Double Swaddle a Baby.

All three of my babies have loved to be swaddled. The problem is, around three months they started “breaking out” of their swaddles and getting really sad. So, my husband and I invented the double swaddle! We swaddle our little one in a blanket… then, grab a second blanket and repeat the process! It is wonderful! I was able to swaddle my older two toddlers until 8 months because of the “double swaddle”!! Here is a step by step!

  • a step by step

    a step by step

    I will take you through a step by step on how to double swaddle!

  • step one

    step one

    Lay blanket in a diamond shape and fold the top corner down into a triangle. Place baby on blanket.

  • step two.

    step two.

    Pull one side of the blanket across your baby’s chest & tuck under the opposite arm. I like to roll my baby so that it is tucked super tight!

  • next step

    next step

    Pull the remaining side of your blanket across the baby’s chest and tuck underneath.

  • repeat


    Now grab a second blanket and repeat steps! Enjoy your happy, swaddled little one!

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