Bringing a Baby Home with a Dog in the House

When my husband & I were dating he bought a Labradoodle named Macy and then for part of my wedding gift he gave me a little maltipoo named Ellie. These dogs were our “babies”. They slept in our bed, they went everwhere with us- they were our kids before kids! Two years later as we prepared to bring a baby into the home we were a teeny bit nervous about how the dogs would adjust and how they would treat our little Aiden.

  • Getting to know Each Other

    Getting to know Each Other

    I can remember when Aiden was in the NICU we would bring home clothes that he had worn for them to smell and get acquainted with. I had seen the dogs with kids many times at our art studio and they were great… I just wasn’t sure how they would react when one was living with us!

  • Adjusting to Baby

    Adjusting to Baby

    The day came when we finally got to bring Aiden home and the dogs did fabulous. I can remember the very first night Macy slept right next to Aiden’s bassinet, as if she was watching over him.

  • Two Peas in a Pod

    Two Peas in a Pod

    Each time we have brought a baby home from the hospital, the dogs have wanted to protect them and sleep by their side. Aiden is our child that coslept with us and when we finally made the switch to his own big boy bed, our labradoodle Macy, would go to sleep with him. A boy and his dog. Many nights Macy & Aiden creep down the hall and climb into our bed, two peas in a pod.

  • Lots of Love

    Lots of Love

    I believe that letting our dogs have so much interaction with other kids before we brought a baby home really helped with the transition. I am so glad our sweet dogs and our little ones love each other so well.

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