Baby Names Inspired By Brands And Products

I am always intrigued when it comes to how parents choose their children’s names. EVERYONE has a story and I prefer to hear those rather than the birth story. We have all asked our parents at some point why they named us what they did and our children will do the same.

As I’ve mentioned on 40 Baby Names Inspired By TV Shows, all parents have that “A-HA” baby name moment and it can come from the most unexpected places — a book, a TV show, a celebrity or a popular brand.

When putting this list together of brand names that have been used for baby names, I realized that I actually knew an Armani (my son’s classmate at daycare), a L’Oreal (a third grade classmate way back in the day!) a Pepsi (my friend’s nanny) and a Maybelline — a good blogging friend of mine. After a while, the brand aspect of the name begins to fade and that name becomes just that, a name.

Here’s a selection of names inspired by recent food, car, fashion and beauty brands and products.

How about Sephora? Or Amazon?

Sources:, Momlogic, Nameberry, and BabyCenter.

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