Apple’s Favorite Swaddle Blankets.

I have swaddled all of my babies and even invented & perfected the double swaddle. My babies all wanted to be swaddled long after their little friends grew out of it and I was great with that. By baby number three I know what blankets are my favorite! Michelle also did a great post of all of the Disney Baby Swaddle Blankets available here! Here are a few of mine and Apple’s favorite swaddles!

  • light weight flowers

    light weight flowers

    Perfect for spring and perfect for little girls. These light weight flower swaddles are great for a sweet afternoon nap!

  • swaddle duo

    swaddle duo

    Wrap your baby in these two super-cute baby soft, lightweight, breathable cotton swaddling blankets featuring Mickey Mouse! This is the perfect little set. Especially now if you are doing the double swaddle! Something extra helpful for those that are newbies to swaddling, there is a cute pictorial swaddling instruction sewn to the edge of each blanket! Blankets can be bought on DISNEY BABY HERE.

  • stripes


    My first born was a boy and then he was followed by two girls. A lot of my first favorite swaddles were blue and black stripes and baby blue stars! The girls loved getting their big brother’s favorites!

  • Minnie Love

    Minnie Love

    You can never have enough Minnie! I loved having sweet Minnie mouse on my little one’s blankets! When you’re not swaddling, these blankets make great privacy throws during breastfeeding, play mats for tummy time or shields over the stroller to protect Baby from sun or wind! Buy on DISNEY BABY HERE!

  • thick for winter

    thick for winter

    Having a newborn in the winter (colder) months calls for thicker and warmer swaddles! I love having a nice stack of both heavy & lightweight handy depending on the season!

  • butterfly love

    butterfly love

    I have quite a few swaddles that have my little one’s favorite things on them! Zebras, dinosaurs, Minnie Mouse & more!

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