35 Baby Names for Little Foodies

It’s no secret I love food. I love to read about it. I love to make it. Best of all, I love to EAT it. Most of our family vacations are centered around food! (Nothing wrong with that!) From books about food to clothes and nursery decor centered around food, little ones can be foodies too! If you are a foodie who is expecting a little one, you will LOVE these baby names. Click through for 35 awesome baby names, all inspired by FOOD! 

  • Dreaming of a little one that loves food as much as you?

    Dreaming of a little one that loves food as much as you?

    Give him or her a name inspired by things we EAT!

  • Ginger


    Ginger is a lovely girl’s name that can easily be shortened to Gigi…

  • Benedict


    I LOVE this boy’s name. It sounds like an author’s name! (Not to mention, eggs benedict are one of my favorites foods.)

  • Plum


    A sweet old-fashioned girl’s name… Personally, I think this one would make a lovely middle name!

  • Kale


    Name your little one after those super-food leafy greens! This is a pretty hip boy’s name. (I know someone who has a Forest Kale – so it makes a great middle name, too!)

  • Olive


    This girl’s name has been on the rise in recent years! (My niece is named Olive!)

  • Kobe


    Whether you’re naming your son after your favorite basketball player, or your favorite type of beef, this name is sure to be a winner! :)

  • Clementine


    How sweet is this little girl’s name?! I think it’s the cutest – just like the fruit it comes from!

  • Graham


    This one is such a strong sounding boy’s name!

  • Apple


    Thanks to a few celebrities, this girl’s name isn’t so unusual anymore!

  • Reuben


    Wouldn’t this make such an adorable boy’s name? This is truly a biblical name, even though most people think of the sandwich when they hear it.

  • Brie


    Brie (Bri, Brianna, Breanna) has been a popular girl’s name for many years. This spelling can be a tribute to your favorite cheese!

  • Mac


    This sounds like an awesome name for a little boy. Even as a nickname, this one’s sure to remind you of your favorite mac & cheese or that burger from McDonalds!

  • Filbert


    Okay, so we might classify this as a “nerdy” baby name, but I think it’s pretty cute. You could even shorten it to Fil or Bert!

  • Sherry


    This girl’s name isn’t as popular as it used to be, but it’s still cute!

  • Cane


    Here’s another strong sounding boy’s name. I think this would make a great middle name. Robert Cane, Elijah Cane, Phillip Cane… I can hear it now! :)

  • Alfredo


    This name dates back centuries with different meanings in English, Italian, and Spanish. Your baby boy will forever remind you of your favorite pasta sauce!

  • Reese


    This gender-neutral name can be a lovely tribute to your favorite peanut butter and chocolate treat!

  • Angus


    This baby boy name sounds like a perfect name for someone who lives in the Wild West!

  • Huckleberry


    Huckleberry or Huck is one of my husband’s favorite boy names. Inspired by your favorite Mark Twain character or the plant itself, it’d make a great first or middle name…

  • Clove


    Unusual? Maybe. But definitely unique. This would make a great first or middle name for a baby girl or boy…

  • Ambrosia


    This girl’s name is Greek and means “food of the gods.”

  • Bartlette


    A boy’s name inspired by your favorite juicy pear…

  • Chip


    A simple and sweet boy’s name! (I always think of Chip from Beauty and the Beast!) But potato chips or chocolate chips are nice to think about, too! :)

  • Thyme


    Name your little one after this dainty herb…

  • Julienne


    Really, this is a cutting technique instead of a food. But it’s a neat boy’s name!

  • Colby


    This is a great gender-neutral name, perfect as a first or middle name for your baby!

  • Frank


    This traditional boy’s name will remind you of your favorite hot dogs!

  • Rosemary


    Here’s another old-fashioned baby girl’s name that is still so lovely…

  • Hash


    A super-unique but super-hip baby boy’s name…

  • Brandy


    This girl’s name was popular in the 80s and 90s but is less common today…

  • Sage


    Here’s another name that I think would make a cool middle name!

  • Blanche


    Yes, this is a cooking technique instead of a food. This girl’s name means “white or fair.”

  • Heath


    A boy’s name that sounds strong, yet rugged…

  • Patty


    This girl’s name is a bit old-fashioned, but still so sweet…

  • Saffron


    A gender-neutral name that means “yellow flower.”

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