10 DIY Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

Personal, unique, affordable – all things that describe DIY baby shower invitations! We already shared 10 awesome DIY invitations for a girl’s shower, check out these ideas for a little boy!


  • Mustache Printable Shower Invitation

    Mustache Printable Shower Invitation

    No boy’s invitation round-up would be complete without a ‘stache. This printable is perfect – just print, cut and send! Find here.

  • DIY Paper Pop-Up Shower Invitations

    DIY Paper Pop-Up Shower Invitations

    We love this colorful and FUN pop-up invitation! So unique and adorable, just look at the resources on the site and and have at it! Find here.

  • Stamped Shower Invitations

    Stamped Shower Invitations

    How about stamping your way to the shower? This is a great example of what you can create with some fancy pens, some paper and some stamps. Find here.

  • Hand Drawn Shower Invitation

    Hand Drawn Shower Invitation

    Draw your own invitation, bubble letters and all, and print them out and enjoy a gorgeous personalized invitation! Find here.

  • Printable Rustic Shower Invitation

    Printable Rustic Shower Invitation

    Having a BBQ or a cowboy themed shower? The rustic feel of this printable invitation is perfect for just such an occasion. Find here.

  • Printable Zoo Shower Invitation

    Printable Zoo Shower Invitation

    You’ll find a bevy of printable invitations at this site – including this sweet zoo themed one! Find here.

  • Circus Themed Printable Invitation

    Circus Themed Printable Invitation

    How about a vintage circus themed shower? These printable invitations put a unique spin on a circus shower theme. Find here.

  • Ahoy! It's a Boy! Printable Shower Invitation

    Ahoy! It's a Boy! Printable Shower Invitation

    This adorable nautical themed shower is perfect for any sailor’s boy-to-be. You can DIY this by printing out your invitations and cutting and sending. Perfect for a bold red/white/blue shower too! Find here.

  • DIY Chevron Printable Invitation

    DIY Chevron Printable Invitation

    Chevron print is still so in style – we adore this easy printable for a boy’s shower invitations! Find here.

  • Vintage Boy's Printable Shower Invitation

    Vintage Boy's Printable Shower Invitation

    This vintage inspired invitation is just plain cool. Perfect for a stylish mama and baby boy to-be! Find here.

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