Celebrating My Little Man: Highlights From My Baby Shower!

It’s hard to believe that my son was born just twelve days ago and my baby shower was only thirteen days ago! With my son’s unexpected early arrival, I’ve got my birth story and baby shower blog posts flipped. Surrounded by family and friends, I had a wonderful planned shower (in addition to my surprise shower) with a Little Man baby shower theme. Here are my baby shower photos and highlighted moments of the day!

  • Celebrate the Little Man

    Celebrate the Little Man

    Here are the highlights from my little man mustache baby shower themed day!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • I Mustache You... How Do We Look?

    I Mustache You… How Do We Look?

    My little man baby shower was thrown by so many loving friends and family, including my friend Nicole!

    Photo courtesy of Nicole Shilliday/Shilliday Photography

  • Showered with Generosity

    Showered with Generosity

    As I walked into Nicole’s house, I was in awe of all the sweet decorations and the huge pile of gifts!

    Photo courtesy of Rachel Zoll

  • Mustache Baby Shower Balloons

    Mustache Baby Shower Balloons

    The little touches of macho mustaches made me smile; what made me chuckle was noticing that someone (who I promised would remain nameless) put the mustache decals on the balloons upside-down!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Mustache Baby Shower Straws

    Mustache Baby Shower Straws

    Every drink was made sweeter with these adorable clip-on mustache straws.

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Daddy-to-Be Celebrates From Afar

    Daddy-to-Be Celebrates From Afar

    Since Larry was overseas, my friend Nicole had him join in the festivities in spirit.

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Rocket Ship Shower Cake!

    Rocket Ship Shower Cake!

    My sister made me a stunning custom cake – from scratch no less! – to match our retro outer space nursery theme. She sculpted the rocket ship out of fondant and even airbrushed the cityscapes along the bottom!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Me & My Sister

    Me & My Sister

    My sister Jasmine has taught me so many great things already about what it means to be a great mom.

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Welcome to Red Sox Nation

    Welcome to Red Sox Nation

    Training our son early to root for the hometown team!

    Photo courtesy of Rachel Zoll

  • Baby's First Blanket

    Baby’s First Blanket

    I was in love with this delicately soft and beautifully knitted blanket from Nicole’s mother.

    Photo courtesy of Nicole Shilliday/Shilliday Photography

  • Baby's First Mickey Mouse Doll

    Baby’s First Mickey Mouse Doll

    My mother-in-law got me our son’s first Mickey Mouse doll, straight from Walt Disney World featuring the 2013 Disney Parks theme, Believe in Magic.

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Me & My Mom

    I was so happy to share such a special day with my mom, Debbie!

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  • Guess the Onesie Baby Shower Game

    Guess the Onesie Baby Shower Game

    My shower game consisted of guests bringing a onesie that represented something about the giver; it was up to me to guess who brought which onesie! It’s much tougher than it sounds.

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Little Man Onesie

    Little Man Onesie

    And just to make things interesting, Nicole threw in one extra onesie to throw me off, but I guessed which one it was right away.

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Tigger Onesie

    Tigger Onesie

    My sister-in-law got me this supercute front pocket onesie with Tigger peeking out each side.

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Me & My Sister-in-Law

    Me & My Sister-in-Law

    My sister-in-law Rachel couldn’t wait to be an Aunt… and turns out she didn’t have to wait too long since I had my son Judah the next day!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

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