Baby Shower Favors Idea: Capias (Traditional Latin Baby Shower Favor)

Baby shower favors come in all forms, from personalized jars and baby bottles, to candy bags and notebooks. The options are endless and each day baby shower hosts are getting more creative with the favors handed out.

But, a baby shower favor you may never have heard of is actually quite traditional in some Latin American countries – the capia. Loosely translated, it is a corsage, normally hand-made and pinned on to baby shower guests. This baby shower favor typically includes a printed ribbon with the details of the baby shower date or baby’s due date, along with the names of the parents-to-be. Capias can be small or big and are truly a special memento of the baby shower, since they are each individually hand-made and personalized to the theme of the baby shower. Take a look and see just a couple of examples I found!

Baby Shower Favors Idea: Capias (Traditional Latin Baby Shower Favor)

  • Neck Tie for a Boy's Baby Shower

    Neck Tie for a Boy’s Baby Shower

    Such a cute capia for modern baby showers!
    Made by Yvette of AquaSeventy6

  • It's a Girl!

    It’s a Girl!

    More traditional capia look, perfect for a girl’s baby shower.
    Find it on Etsy

  • It's a Boy!

    It’s a Boy!

    Another traditional look for a capia, this one for a boy’s baby shower.
    Find it on Etsy

  • Baby Booties

    Baby Booties

    Cute baby girl booties adorn this capia!
    Find it on Etsy

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