Our Zoo-Themed Birthday Party

Recently I posted here about Aiden’s dinosaur party! Well, we also through him an awesome party for his second birthday…it was a zoo theme! Here are a few fun ideas for your little lady or your little man on their special day…zoo themed!

  • a zoo theme

    a zoo theme

    Want to throw your little one a “zoo theme” first birthday party? Here are a list of great ideas for you!

  • a birthday banner

    a birthday banner

    Find or make an adorable birthday banner to hang up! I loved this adorable one to hang behind our “feeding station”!

    birthday banner, my creative side KG $26

  • party favors

    party favors

    I love these adorable “zoo theme” muslin bags. They are customizable… just pick the animal, color and child’s name for the front of the bag. I put a bag of animal crackers inside and we were all set!

    muslin bags, party favors! perideau designs

  • cereal


    Cereal is such an inexpensive and fun fact for little ones! Fill up various containers with your little one’s favorite finger foods!

  • painting


    One of the fun activities we had out for the little ones was painting! I bought a large canvas and let Aiden’s friends finger paint a masterpiece for his room!

  • bright colors

    bright colors

    I filled the tables with bright colors! Colored cereal and fresh flowers are a great way to add some “pop” to your party!

  • diy yarn wreath

    diy yarn wreath

    Find an easy DIY yarn wreath tutorial and make a wreath and sign for the front door!

    diy yarn wreath tutorial

  • table


    I displayed everything out on one table for Aiden’s friends and parents to munch on throughout the party! It’s a fun, central location to hangout and enjoy one another.

  • yummy treats

    yummy treats

    I made a list of Aiden’s favorite treats and made sure to have them at the party for him and all of his little buddies!

    party recipe, blog

  • cute signs

    cute signs

    I had each part of the party labeled with these adorable signs! It was a simple addition that added so much!

    mf creative designs, signs and decorations

  • feeling special

    feeling special

    The look on my little guy’s face said it all! The day was a huge success!

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