1st Birthday Party Idea: Carnival Time!

Like most parents, when my daughter turned one we kind of went over the top with her birthday. There is something so special about turning one (for you as the parents and for your kiddo). I started coming up with ideas months before the party. For a while I couldn’t decide what I wanted, but then I finally landed on the idea of a carnival theme. It was so fun coming up with ideas to create a perfect party for my little girl. Here are some pictures from our party…

  • Carnival Style

    Carnival Style

    A few of our favorite pictures (and ideas) from our daughter’s 1st birthday party.

  • Party Hats

    Party Hats

    You can’t have a birthday without party hats! Create your very own unique hats by adding ribbon and pom poms to those simple hats at the party store.

  • Birthday Cake

    Birthday Cake

    We made a tiny personal cake for our daughter and then lots of yummy cupcakes for everyone else. Make a cute bunting flag to decorate the top of the cake!

  • Clown Nose

    Clown Nose

    We had a bucket of clown noses for everyone to grab throughout the party. Makes for great pictures. Also, we made individual animal cracker packets for guests. Fold paper in half, create a little logo and staple to a plastic bag.

  • Get Your Popcorn!

    Get Your Popcorn!

    We made bunches of kettle corn and served it in old school popcorn boxes.

  • Pinwheels


    We decorated the picnic tables with mason jars filled with gum balls and handmade pinwheels. Bunting garlands make for great carnival decorations as well!

  • Candy Table

    Candy Table

    We had a dessert/candy table set up with lots of candy in clear glass dishes and cookies shaped like lollipops.

  • Gum Balls

    Gum Balls

    Fill paper cones with gum balls to pass out to guests.

  • The Birthday Chair

    The Birthday Chair

    We set up a special little spot for our daughter so we could take lots of cute pictures of her while she got to eat her cake.

  • Let's Eat!

    Let's Eat!

    We pulled all the picnic tables together to create one long eating area. Lots of food, fun and good conversation with friends and family.

  • Piñata


    I made a number one piñata for my daughter which was lots of fun for the kids and made a great prop for the photo booth.

  • Photo Booth Fun

    Photo Booth Fun

    Every party should have a photo booth! Hang a patterned sheet up, set up the tripod and you and your guest will create lots of good memories.

  • Photo Booth

    Photo Booth

    We brought lots of props that we could use in the photo booth. It was so much fun. We cherish those photos now!

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

    In the end, remember to have fun and not to stress too much. Enjoy the day with your little one.

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