10 Flower Cupcakes To Brighten Up Your Baby Shower

Flowers can brighten just about any day or occasion, and what better celebration than a baby shower? The winter months can be dull and dreary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a nice dose of spring and summer to your happy day. If you are still undecided on whether or not you should go with a cake or cupcakes, let me persuade you towards the latter.

  • Edible Hydrangeas

    Edible Hydrangeas

    I love Hydrangea flowers and think the cluster of mini blooms look so lovely. These clever cupcakes show off the various tones of the petals using two colors of icing. You won’t believe how simple it is to recreate these gorgeous minis.

  • Rose Cupcakes

    Rose Cupcakes

    Valentine’s Day is just one month away and what better way to celebrate then with rose cupcakes. They make look a little complicated, but the truth is these are decorated using Fruit by the Foot fruit leather!

  • How Does Your Garden Grow

    How Does Your Garden Grow

    With jelly beans of course! Here is another fun option that doesn’t require any piping. The cupcakes are turned into flowers thanks to tasty and colorful jelly beans.

  • Cupcake Bouquet

    Cupcake Bouquet

    I just love the idea of a cupcake bouquet! These can double as treats and decor at your next baby shower.

  • Flower Cupcake In A Cone

    Flower Cupcake In A Cone

    Not your traditional cupcake! The cake part of these sweet treats are baked inside ice cream cones, iced and then decorated with candies.

  • Sweet and Sunny

    Sweet and Sunny

    Yellow flowers brighten up a room like no other and these sweet and sunny cupcakes do the exact same thing. Place the cupcakes in mini flower pots for a unique and cute presentation.

  • Rose Baskets

    Rose Baskets

    No it isn’t a basket full of roses, nor is it a basket filled with little cupcakes. The basket, grass an all those mini roses are part of the actual cupcake. These delicious floral arrangements add a dose of lovely to any shower.

  • Mini Baskets

    Mini Baskets

    Each one of these basket cupcakes can be filled with different “flowers” or a specific color theme depending on your shower decor.

  • Super Simple

    Super Simple

    If you are afraid of the piping bag, these cute flower cupcakes can be made in a flash. Instead of piping out the frosting, these are decorated using a smear of icing and topped with cut up candies.

  • Easy Flowers

    Easy Flowers

    These cupcakes add a dose of lovely to any shower, but you could customize them if you wish by using colored marshmallows. Yes, that’s right those ‘petals’ are made out of cut-up marshmallows!

From roses to daisies, we’ve rounded up 10 different floral cupcakes that are delicious, easy to bake and oh so gorgeous. In regards to display, consider purchasing a cupcake stand. Wilton sells a whole slew of different ones that can hold various amounts depending on the size of your guest list.

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