New From Build-A-Bear ~ The Disney Princess Collection!

There is nothing that can replace the traditional teddy bear, as they are a child’s best friend. Build-A-Bear has always ranked at the top of my list for stuffed animals not only for their cute products but the unique way in which they display and create them.

If you’ve never been to a Build-A-Bear Workshop, it is essentially an interactive make-your-own stuffed animal experience. Once you walk into the workshop you can pick your own bear right down to the colour of his/her fur. After she has been created, it’s time to play dress-up!

There are so many different outfits to choose from but the one collection that I am really excited about is their brand new Disney Princess line. The new Disney Princess Collection ($16 per costume) from Build-A-Bear Workshop allows your child to have the best of both worlds – a teddy bear dressed up as their favourite princess. There is also a brand new Disney Princess bear!

Click through the slideshow on your right to view the entire collection.

  • Royal Disney Princess Bear

    Royal Disney Princess Bear

    Donning Rapunzel’s infamous locks and gorgeous dress, the Royal Disney Princess Bear comes dressed to the nines in Purple Gem Heels, Pink Heart Panties, Glow-In-The-Dark Blonde Wig and Princess Wand. Includes the crown as well!

  • Happy Hugs Teddy In Cinderella Costume

    Happy Hugs Teddy In Cinderella Costume

    The Cinderella Happy Hugs Teddy comes dressed in this beautiful Cinderella Costume, White UNDIBEARS® Panties, Peep Toe Gem Bow Heels, Glow-In-The-Dark Blonde Wig and Sequin Crown Purse.

  • Snow White Gown

    Snow White Gown

    The authenticity of these gowns is incredible. My daughter has the toddler version of this dress and I know she will want the teddy bear sized Snow White dress for her Build-a-Bear!

  • Disney Princess Bear

    Disney Princess Bear

    The Disney Princess Bear ($23), is as cute as can be with her sparkling crown and paws depicting beloved Disney Princess characters and their majestic crowns.

  • Sleeping Beauty Costume

    Sleeping Beauty Costume

    I love this beautiful 2 piece Sleeping Beauty gown. It’s pink, glamorous and includes a matching crown.

  • Beary Magical Wand

    Beary Magical Wand

    Every teddy bear princess needs a magic wand! This is perfectly sized for your cuddly friend and makes a magical sound when you press the button on the handle.

  • Tangled!


    The crown finishes off this teddy bear sized Rapunzel gown oh so nicely!

  • Lovely Cinderella

    Lovely Cinderella

    Everything you need for a fancy ball is included in this adorable set for teddy. The gown, gloves, crown and necklace are so very lovely!

  • Give A Little Back

    I’m all for giving back and Champ in her Tiana costume does just that! When you buy this teddy, $1 is donated to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation which makes grants to wonderful causes that support children’s health such as juvenile diabetes, autism, children’s cancer research or other important wellness causes for children.

    The teddy comes with the Tiana Costume (also available separately), White UNDIBEARS® Panties, Peep Toe Gem Bow Heels and Brown Wig.

  • Enchanting Furever Hearts

    Enchanting Furever Hearts

    Miss Rainbow has been transformed into “Enchanting Furever Hearts’ thanks to the Sleeping Beauty Costume, Pink Heart Panties, Pink Gem Heels and Glow-In-The-Dark Blonde wig.

  • Belle Of The Ball

    Belle Of The Ball

    If Beauty and the Beast is your toddler’s favourite, you won’t want to miss out on this lovely teddy bear sized Belle gown.

Which costume is your favourite?

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