Mirror Books: My Son’s Favourite Form of Literature

We try to read to our kids several times a day, and I like to mix things up with the various forms of literature and books that are classics as well as age appropriate. At two years old, my son has a very short attention span, so the books need to be fun, colorful and entertaining. His latest fascination is with himself. He adores the mirror and likes to touch his face and just stare at himself for 10-15 minutes at a time. It’s really quite hilarious.

During one of his recent mirror sessions, it occurred to me that baby books with mirrors built-in might pique his interest. Turns out I was right. We visited our local bookstore and picked up a few mirror books a couple of weeks ago. He claps his hands, laughs and points to himself each and every time we flip a page. Disney Baby has a fun book called “Who’s that, Baby?” that I’m thinking of purchasing for my son. It has mirrors on each page and looks as though it would be a great choice for my boy.

How about you? Does your baby like mirror books?

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