Minnie Mouse Vintage Flair

Recently while I was at a work event for Disney, one of the presenters pulled out the most amazing stuffed Minnie Mouse from his own personal collection. She was missing her skirt, but it was still so cool to see how far back the roots of the famous mouse heroine stretch and I love me some vintage Disney. So, I was definitely excited to see this new Minnie plush that’s totally reminiscent of the vintage version!


This new Minnie plush is sold only in-stores at Hallmark, but I’m kind of in love. Ever since our trip to Disneyland, Fern is obsessed with all things Minnie Mouse and is constantly pointing me in the direction of anything Minnie emblazoned when we’re out at stores. It’s crazy how she knows! I love this one, so I may have to hunt down a Hallmark to find this cute little Minnie for her.

P.S. There’s a Mickey version too if that’s more your style!

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