Expecting? 10 Maternity Tees That Announce Your Pregnancy

One of my favorite maternity tees was a black tank that I picked up online. It was simple, stretchy and had one sentence across the top in a cursive font which had been ‘bedazzled’ with rhinestones “Daddy Did It”. Yes, it was quite tongue-in-cheek but I loved it ;).

Pregnancy tees are so fun because they do the talking for you. You can make your own pretty easily using a plain maternity tank or tee and some fabric paint or iron-on decals, or you can purchase them ready-made. Although I would love to become the crafty kind (one day, one day), I have yet to reach that point so I prefer to purchase them online.

There are plenty of adorable tops available, but these are my personal top 10 favorites.

  • Baby Love Footprints

    Baby Love Footprints

    Baby footprints are a classic way to announce your pregnancy and this tee fits the bill perfectly.

  • Little Nudger

    Little Nudger

    Every expectant mom has a Little Nudger in their belly just begging for attention. Mine would nudge and kick in response to conversation or music!

    The great thing about this tee is the simple gender neutral color scheme – white and black go with pretty much anything.

  • Construction Zone Maternity Tee

    Construction Zone Maternity Tee

    Nine months to complete project baby and what a way to announce it! Those tummy rumblings are the sounds of a pretty important construction zone. Choose from blue or pink to make your announcement.

  • Due Date Maternity Tee

    Due Date Maternity Tee

    Sealed, stamped and ready to go! This clever “stamped” tee announces your due date and gender whether it be a girl (pink), boy (blue) or not finding out (green).

  • Crimson Love

    Crimson Love

    With the extra long length in play (knee length), this crimson dress tee doubles up as a dress for some and fits well on tall mamas. I also like how the sparkly black heart print uses eco-friendly ink.

  • How I Wonder

    How I Wonder

    “How I wonder what you are…” Sigh. Adorable tees like this one kinda make me wish I was expecting again.

  • Keep Calm and Dance On

    Keep Calm and Dance On

    This age-old saying from Britain has taken on many variations but I had never seen a maternity twist on it until just recently. Keep Calm and Dance On mamas!

  • Baby Steps

    Baby Steps

    Had to include just one more with baby footprints because I just can’t get enough of those little toes. This super soft maternity shirt is hand-printed with adorable baby feet walking across the tummy.

  • Yes I'm Pregnant!

    Yes I'm Pregnant!

    It’s what everyone asks and what most of you would like to tell them all bundled in a nice pretty tee. “Yes, I’m Pregnant, I’m Due in ______ & HANDS OFF THE BELLY” is printed in silver and takes the guess work out of it for passersby.

  • Never Say Never

    Never Say Never

    You know that mini van you swore you would NEVER drive? First off there are some pretty stylish ones available these days and second – Never Say Never ;).

Have you ever announced your pregnancy or made a statement by wearing a tee while you were expecting? What did it say?

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