Made With Love and Baby Feet: 10 DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Most of you will agree that there is nothing sweeter than baby feet. Those tiny toes make mamas swoon and we can’t seem to get enough of them. In celebration of Mother’s Day consider giving a special mother, grandmother or mother figure in your life a handmade gift highlighting all 10 of those cute baby toes! If you are making something for grandma consider making one for you too since you will already have the supplies on hand.

With the weekend approaching and a little over a week until Mother’s Day there is still time to take out some craft supplies and create a very special masterpiece! Take a look at this round-up which includes photos from tutorials and project ideas found throughout the blogosphere. These tutorials provide options for gifts that are sentimental and easy on your savings. Not to mention all the fun you will have playing with baby’s feet while making them! Be sure to click the links to view additional photos and the full tutorials!

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